Robotics and Microgeometry

Our complete solution combines three six-axis STÄUBLI TX60 robot arms and Magnetfinish’s advanced deburring technology. State-of-the-art technology and decades of experience helped us to implement a turnkey automation solution according to the customer’s specific needs.


Hundreds of the various automated workstations

We have realized hundreds of the various automated workstations over the Central Europe and in cooperation with the parent company R. WICK AG also worldwide.

Injection Molding Machine

Automatic handling of the injection molding machines is one of the company strengths. The system is always designed in cooperation with the customer to find the solution which addresses exactly his needs.

Besides the basic handling of the molding machine we also deal with the assembly of the product and his stacking in the prepared box or placing to the conveyor. We also provide the automatic quality control and separation of the faulty pieces. All of this is done in the fully automated mode without any disruption of the production.


Storage cell for pallet-fixed parts

Storage cell for pallet-fixed parts is one of our standardized products. In combination with robot it serves for feeding parts into a machine and putting final parts on a pallet. A cell may contain 1 to 4 bins controlled either manually by an operator or automatically by means of stepping motor. It commonly offers communication with the robot and machine and consequent interaction with the operator so that he has enough time to remove the completed pallet and prepare a new one. The cell and machine can thus operate in automated mode continuously and machine idle times are eliminated.


ETA Agilus – Linear system

For our customers we have developed uniaxial, possibly biaxial linear system for machine feed where a robot feeds a piece to be machined and removes a final piece. Automation is extended by the COGNEX camera system for determining piece location, communication with the machine and automatic discard of defective products. The axis movement and its interaction with the machine is to be fully programmed by customer with help of prepared visualization in PLC. Each type of product may thus have a particular programme.




1) Study preparation

Preparation of various conceptual versions of workplace design comes in the first phase of realization of manufacturing process automation.

The design and study preparation itself is preceded by an analysis of customer's requirements, current situation, roominess and number of other factors that may influence the final optimal solution design.

The outcome of this project phase is a design of one or more feasible versions of optimized designs of the production workplace or technology section layout.

2) Computer simulation

The initial project phase includes an animated simulation of robotized workplace using special software tools.

It is necessary for planning of the occupied space, choice of correct workspace concept and determination of equipment cycle period.

3) Construction and electroprojection

Technical solution designs for our equipment are created in a machine construction department.

The extent of work includes analyses, designs, calculations and preparation of technical documentation for supplied equipment.

Construction designs and production documentation for our equipment is created using 3D software SolidWorks.

4) Software development

Application software for industrial robots, PLC and process visualizations are developed.

Control systems KUKA, B&R and Siemens are used most frequently.

We have developed and continuously innovated our own CMS and DACOS software products for production lines control.

Proven Zenon system is employed in the sector of HMI/SCADA.

5) Equipment manufacturing

Individual equipment elements are manufactured and subsequently assembled according to the prepared documentation.

Completion covers not only mechanical installation of machine parts, but also fitting of respective electrical components and control system to the machine.

Completeness and functionality of the final equipment can be demonstrated to a customer at our own premises.

6) Assembly and service

Assembly can be performed not only on the territory of the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

We have exported hundreds of robotized workplaces, machines and equipment of our own design during the past years.

Subsequent warranty and post-warranty service for our equipment goes without saying.