Software solution

We put modern touch, user-friendly interface and reliability first when designing software. We support the ‘One Button Solution’ concept when software takes over operator’s tasks to the maximum extent possible especially during machine initialization, setting-up default operating parameters, dealing with fault service status and so on. There are a number of manuals, modern and clearly explained visualizations ready for machine operators.



– We approach the solution individually at all times to suit customer’s needs using modern PLC systems (B&R, Siemens) and development environments (Automation Studio 4 and TIA portal)


– Zenon system is used for visualization, data acquisition and reporting


– Complex and data-demanding tasks are solved by the development of Windows applications using modern object-oriented programming languages and SQL databases

Tailor-made Solutions

– Rich experience with PLC applications, robots, HMI/SCADA and object-oriented programming are used to design and develop solution that precisely meets customers’ requirements

IPCS = Integrated process control system

Combination of our current solutions integrated by a modern HMI/SCADA visualization for fully-automated production control based on order management system that assesses the status and availability of machines, parts and orders’ priority.

The following products and solutions are ready for you:

PLC Modular System

– Pre-arranged modular system with added specific function of a machine enables us to provide robust PLC software quickly.

CMS = Cell management system

– Modular application designated for production control in robotic cells. Starting from operation of a single machine to large automated lines.

– Large-scale modular application designated for production control in robotic cells as well as large automated lines

OHM = Order Handling Management

– System for contract management and manufacturing process control. Enables supervision of production quality, data acquisition and statistics and reports compilation.